Update Tal Wilkenfeld

Well, here I am again about Tal Wilkenfeld as a musician and now also a singer/songwriter. You have to make up your own minds obviously, but I can’t help myself to being impress by her huge talent.

So for all and any singer/songwriter it is not what you sing about but rather in which form you present it, musically. Keep going very mainstream, very safe, or go out of your own comfort zone. 

Insight and truly amazing:


From the opening act to The Who at TD Garden:


From the opening act to The Who at Capital One Arena:


The two last videos is also from the album “Love Remains”

Enjoy or not Enjoy  🙂   🙁 


Laurel Canyon

Several young talented singer/songwriters started to meet in Laurel Canyon, playing together and getting better and better from each other. Playing on local clubs the word spread and in time the rest of the world became interested.

Featuring names like Joni Mitchel, Linda Ronstadt, Eagles
and many more.

I highly recommend these two episodes, especially to younger people with a singer/songwriter within themselves. As well as established musicians. The singer/songwriters featuring our hit lists on the radio channels.

I hope you all will share this to as many as possible, thank you  🙂 


The link can be accessed from the EU/Ø for Norwegian citizens.

Available until  31. May 2023 at 06:01

Enjoy  😀