Winter in..

..Storøyni, Øvre Årdal  🙂

I came back from Beitostølen late Monday afternoon and no snow what so ever. This was the situation the following morning:

Rambi for sure liked it on the morning walk  🙂

Good dog getting her morning breakfast, three pieces of Markies:

Not very often that the snow lasts for a longer period of time here but it kept snowing:

Finally, in the evening, the snow clearance people came along and cleared the roads. The weather improved and it became a starlit night. So this morning I just had to clear then entrance into the lawn:

We hope the the snow will last but with the forecast for Friday it is not likely   🙁

I have been  getting an enormous amount of spam on this blog so I just had to make those of you who has not yet been approved commentators to register yourself. I am sorry about this but there were no way around it.

Finally i will post an update on the Snow Grip Solution at very difficult conditions from my own experience yesterday, will be posted soon.

Have a great day  🙂