Tomorrow makes Norwegian history

As the first country in the world Norway will start to shut down the FM band and become fully digitized using the DAB+ format.

Starting with Nordland county January 11th 2017 and the last county to go silent on the FM band is Troms, December 13th 2017.

So first step is to check if you have a DAB or a DAB+ radio. ALL broadcasting will, from tomorrow, be broadcasted in the DAB+ format.

Scan and find the station NRK mp3:


If you get this text with sound you have a DAB+ radio. They are already sending in the + format.

But then, anyway, when you turn on the radio tomorrow morning you should perform a full scan to let the radio pick up the changes in the broadcasting infrastructure:

If you don’t get any sound after the new full scan it has been advised to factory reset the radio and make another full scan:

The full scan and the factory reset you fill find manipulating the Menu/Info button. It will probably vary some from brand to brand how you manipulate this button.

I will, personally, do the factory reset first and then perform the full scan. That way you erase ALL memory and start  with a “new” radio.

Good luck  🙂  😀

Last week

While it was still very good weather and the forecast was rain we decided to make the veranda ready for the winter to come. Covering the summer furniture.



That done we looked forward to our week end trip. To the Kula road, 20 minutes from Spydeberg town in very nice surroundings. Recreational area with a lot of nice wooden cabins or huts if you want.


dsc_0059-2We had a wonderful time as always on this place with good food and drinks. And we watched “Stjernekamp” (established musicians competing in different genres to become the ultimate entertainer). We wanted Knut Anders to win.. and he did  🙂

dsc_0061-2So Sunday came and we had to head back. Really icy and slippery across Tyin-Årdal, 37 km with average speed of about 40 km/h  😮

Surfing Under the Northern Lights.. Unstad Beach, Lofoten, Norway. This article surfaced in the The New York Times, written b


For those of you out there with an interest for surfing and want to try Arctic Surfing you should read the article below  🙂

(For some reason the below link does not open unless you right click and open in new TAB!! Sorry about this)

Unstad Surf Forecast:


More info about Unstad Arctic Surf at:

Enjoy  🙂