Winter in..

..Storøyni, Øvre Årdal  🙂

I came back from Beitostølen late Monday afternoon and no snow what so ever. This was the situation the following morning:

Rambi for sure liked it on the morning walk  🙂

Good dog getting her morning breakfast, three pieces of Markies:

Not very often that the snow lasts for a longer period of time here but it kept snowing:

Finally, in the evening, the snow clearance people came along and cleared the roads. The weather improved and it became a starlit night. So this morning I just had to clear then entrance into the lawn:

We hope the the snow will last but with the forecast for Friday it is not likely   🙁

I have been  getting an enormous amount of spam on this blog so I just had to make those of you who has not yet been approved commentators to register yourself. I am sorry about this but there were no way around it.

Finally i will post an update on the Snow Grip Solution at very difficult conditions from my own experience yesterday, will be posted soon.

Have a great day  🙂

The Nordic Grip Solution


Be aware when there is a fresh snowfall on top of the ice. Three times last Tuesday I barely mange to recover from falling. The fourth time I went down hard, with no time, what so ever, to react. The studs are not long enough to reach all the way down to the ice and as a result you skid. This happens until the snow has  attached itself to the ice properly, then you are safe again. You will probably need the more extreme models under those condition, see the link further down.

Be aware and be safe  🙂


In my latest post i had planned to mention a walking aid on snow and ice, walking on conditions like this:

It is called The Nordic Grip and it is working extremely well on snow and ice. Especially if you have a dog in harness pulling you along  🙂

The Nordic Grip comes in many models so you just have to decide which model is most suitable for your use.

I know that some people don’t want to use them because it is not “stylish” enough??? What the heck, better safe on your feet then ending up on a hospital with a broken hip!!! Don’t you think?

The Nordic Grip is just one brand out of several but they have been best in test a lot of times. So, start your search  🙂

Talking about ice, ice falls, either big impressive ones or very small ones, along the road can make some good photos:

Enjoy the remains of your day to the fullest  😀

Back “inside” the winter wonderland

It is good to be back at work for the winter at Beitostølen Aktiv & Skiskole (ski school). Last week we had Level 1 Nordic ski instructor course. This week there is Level 1 Alpine ski instructor course. Good to see some still wants to get involved in this line of work  🙂

Got a few updates, one at my Front page and one accuracy update for my Seiko “Turtle” at the Watches page.

My music page is for the time being empty due to the fact I had to reduce the number of pages from 8 to 5 at my Web Site Builder without additional cost. Well, i guess shit happens at times and i have to reconstruct the Music page.

Enjoy the rest of your day with some photos from Winter Wonderland  🙂


USA-valget: De falske nyhetenes gjennombrudd + Health care & Media

The US people has spoken and that with a pretty good margin too, if you ask me, 290 vs. 232. So why the riots??? And the media, where were they in all this???



Either you agree or not.. or in the middle?

There is tons to read out there on the net if you want to try and understand both sides of the climate change debate.

More “Climate Change”

Monday afternoon, Nov.7th.

I am used to the cold but I don’t like cold weather without snow, seems a lot colder then. -8 Centigrade outside but it does give you some great lights on the sky.

dsc_0057-4From an hour and fifteen minutes ago at 4.45 pm. Also known as the “Blue Hour”. The next one from yesterday an hour later.




The other day I was asked by a friend of mine to take the time to sit down and watch the film “Before The Flood” – narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Interesting stuff but I guess I’ve stated before that i believe it is already to late to do anything about the coming change in the weather systems. Can the planet be saved? Well, I guess you have to make up your own minds after you’ve seen this movie:


Walks &..


November 1rst, early evening. It had stopped raining and the forecast was good which also meant colder weather to come. Took this one waiting for Reidun at 7 pm:


The next morning, November 2nd we woke up to a starlit morning which slowly became dawn:



Just before 11 am I started my first dog walk of the day. Temperature at -2 Centigrade. Nice and fresh  🙂 In our local river, Utla, there is a small island, a great walk, though it’s short.


Above you see the the main river, now low and quiet in it’s winter mode, soon to be partly frozen. The next photo shows the secondary river, now with a dried up river bed that only flows in snow melting and prolonged rain falls.



Normally I walk the Rambi 3 times a day, roughly +- 3 km on the first 2 walks, pre noon and late afternoon. The last walk, late evening between 10-11 pm normally ends up with about 1-1,5 km. The above walk:


My minimum is 6 km a day, can vary a little, of course, but very seldom less  😉


It was a great day all the way through with some great lights at this time of year at around 5 pm:



There is an update at my front page, got a 3 picture image slider there at the top, below the Autumn heading. A new video clip from Youtube with surfing from Unstad at the “Unstad Vestvågøy..” page. Feel free to take a look:


To ALL skiers: Read the book “Inner skiing“!!!  😀



Last week

While it was still very good weather and the forecast was rain we decided to make the veranda ready for the winter to come. Covering the summer furniture.



That done we looked forward to our week end trip. To the Kula road, 20 minutes from Spydeberg town in very nice surroundings. Recreational area with a lot of nice wooden cabins or huts if you want.


dsc_0059-2We had a wonderful time as always on this place with good food and drinks. And we watched “Stjernekamp” (established musicians competing in different genres to become the ultimate entertainer). We wanted Knut Anders to win.. and he did  🙂

dsc_0061-2So Sunday came and we had to head back. Really icy and slippery across Tyin-Årdal, 37 km with average speed of about 40 km/h  😮