Autumn 2018

The autumn is closing in fast and there is schedule for the summer activities. In that regard I have updated the front page of Petter’s Corner once again, directing you all to our web site, Beitostølen Aktiv & Skiskole.

The autumn is a wonderful time and and sort of a high season for mountain hikes, as well as harvesting berries from the wild.

I hope you all have  enjoyed your summer which is now nearing it’s end, entering the fourth season of the year (that is if you start Jan. 1rst.)


Enjoy your autumn  😉  😀

Small trees (can be used as a hedge)

Along with smaller plants/flowers we have started to plant small trees at “ground level” instead of the traditional flower beds.

Started last fall with three Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Diabolo’ . They will reach 1,5-2 m. in height and a width more then 1 m.

This year about a month ago we supplied with another two along with two Weigela hybrid ‘Red Prince’ (will also reach 1,5-2 m. with a width aprox. 1,5 m.) and two Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ corkscrew hazel that will, with some luck, cover parts of a wall.

This is really good fun  😀


Three Diabolo:


Two Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ | corkscrew hazel and a “Red Prince” in the middle:


Two “Diabolo” and a “Red Prince” in the middle:


The “Red Price” , yet very small ang young, starting to blossom:

That’s all for now, see you soon  🙂




Everybody should read this book either you are a wolf lover or hate them. They are here to stay either you like it or not.

Originally written in German and takes you through its history up to present day.

It will, definitely, move you, one way or other!

Enjoy or not enjoy!

Into Summer Mode

Hi everbody

We have had busy winter season at Beitostølen Aktiv & Skiskole with a long, cold winter but absolutly fantastic. Been working mostly at the booking office but got to teach out there on the snow aswell  😎

May has been an amazing month with very high tempratures, reached 28 deegrees Celsius today here in Årdal at 45 m. above sea level, hot.

Have spent some days at Hålimo Camping at 381 m above sea level but not much cooler there.

Have given Petter’s Corner an update into the summer mode lay-out, please feel free to have a look.

Enjoy your summer  😀   😎

Vega Dreamcatchers


Most people have seen them, some admire them but to some people they have a deeper spiritual meaning. Their history is very old. Believed to have originated with the Ojibwe (Chippewa) tribe.

A good friend of mine have started to hand craft Dreamcatchers, beautifully done. His new web site is still only in norwegian but will appear in english in the near future along with an online store.

Visit his site and have a look at his works:



Hope you all will enjoy his works and feel free to share.

Enjoy  🙂

Tiny Audio C 10

April 26th is the date when the FM Broadcasting stops in the Hedmark & Oppland counties which includes Beitostølen. So, then, if you still want to keep using your old FM radios at home or in the car you will need to get an adapter of some sort. We have ended up with the Tiny Audio C 10 unit.

It will use your old FM radio’s own display and you can hide the transmitter unit anywhere you want in the car and then just use the small control unit.

I’ve chosen to get it professionally installed by Toyota. It will be done in 2 weeks  🙂

Got a link for you if the only thing you need is a small DAB+ “pocket” radio with an FM transmitter inside, can be used as an adapter:



Enjoy your day  🙂

Tomorrow makes Norwegian history

As the first country in the world Norway will start to shut down the FM band and become fully digitized using the DAB+ format.

Starting with Nordland county January 11th 2017 and the last county to go silent on the FM band is Troms, December 13th 2017.

So first step is to check if you have a DAB or a DAB+ radio. ALL broadcasting will, from tomorrow, be broadcasted in the DAB+ format.

Scan and find the station NRK mp3:


If you get this text with sound you have a DAB+ radio. They are already sending in the + format.

But then, anyway, when you turn on the radio tomorrow morning you should perform a full scan to let the radio pick up the changes in the broadcasting infrastructure:

If you don’t get any sound after the new full scan it has been advised to factory reset the radio and make another full scan:

The full scan and the factory reset you fill find manipulating the Menu/Info button. It will probably vary some from brand to brand how you manipulate this button.

I will, personally, do the factory reset first and then perform the full scan. That way you erase ALL memory and start  with a “new” radio.

Good luck  🙂  😀