More “Climate Change”

Monday afternoon, Nov.7th.

I am used to the cold but I don’t like cold weather without snow, seems a lot colder then. -8 Centigrade outside but it does give you some great lights on the sky.

dsc_0057-4From an hour and fifteen minutes ago at 4.45 pm. Also known as the “Blue Hour”. The next one from yesterday an hour later.




The other day I was asked by a friend of mine to take the time to sit down and watch the film “Before The Flood” – narrated by┬áLeonardo DiCaprio.

Interesting stuff but I guess I’ve stated before that i believe it is already to late to do anything about the coming change in the weather systems. Can the planet be saved? Well, I guess you have to make up your own minds after you’ve seen this movie:



Pensioner still working :)

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