Reflections over..

..the two different Chromecasts available: Chromecast2 & Chromecast Audio.

If you want to listen to music the wireless way these two “dongles” do the work for you the cheapest possible way.

Chromecast2 is very  versatile since it will mirror your pc, tablet or cell phone on your tv. If you don’t have a smart tv it will make it “smart” for you and you can “cast” anything; text, photos, video and sound.

You will have to download and install Google cast app and from there follow the the instructions on the screen.

A lot of the apps have casting implemented, like Netflix as an example.

Chromecast2 comes with a HDMI cable to connect to your tv and it is powered either from one of the tv’s usb connections or you plug it directly into your mains by the supplied power supply, like you charge your phone.

The Chromecast Audio looks the same but will only cast sound. Instead of a HDMI cable it is supplied with an audio cable, a standard 3,5 mm “minijack”. The good thing here ,though, is the fact that you can cast digitally by swapping the cable with an optical one.. “toslink”.. mini optical plug goes into the device and a normal sized optical into, for example, a Dac (Digital to Analog Converter)


1rst generation DacMagic
1rst generation DacMagic

Both devices supports a variety of audio formats, among them the Flac format, which is, what Tidal uses (former Wimp).

I have always been a High Fidelity nutcase even though, now in my old age I have a much more reflected and relaxed view on most things. I still DO like good sound,though, so as long as you use your turntable, your cd or multimedia player your sound is taken care of for you, well, somehow anyway. But, make no mistake, the moment you start streaming music over the net most of what you get is 320 MP3 files or lower. As an example NRK P1 streams at either 128 or 192kb/s which, when it comes to music, means that you have lost 40-60 % of the original recording’s information.

So, some years back i started to use Wimp when they started to stream in cd quality. A cd is recorded at 1.411 kb/s (16/44.1 khz) and that means you get ALL the small details that is compressed away in the MP3 format. Wimp became Tidal and they also supplies a lot of info, if there is any, about what you hear.



Well, folks, I am NOT going to tell you what to do, you will have to make up your own minds. Maybe visit some one with good stereo set, start to read about your options. It is, literately, a jungle out there of equipment to buy so ask yourselves this: How much money am I prepared to spend and take it from there. But, over the last decade or so there is equipment to day that will give you 90% of the performance at 1/10 of the price compared to the best ones, something to think about.

I hope, though, that I have shed some light over a couple of issues and also given you a glimpse of who I am.

Enjoy your day to the fullest  😉  😀


Pensioner still working :)

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